Saturday, March 22, 2014

January 2014

Yay! I finally found our camera, and I am so glad I did because there were some priceless pictures on there! Basically I found all of January, AKA our last month in Texas.

Because we were in Florida during Christmas we celebrated the opening of all of our gifts on New Year's Day. This Christmas we were immensely blessed by our family and by anonymous individuals. Honestly, this was a Christmas of miracles for us. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is so true!

play on our "Christmas Eve"

Brandon and I made these tents for the boys.
Aaron's tent has yet to be made yet!

I promise they love these tents more than these pictures show lol

In our church the beginning of the year marks new Sunday School classes for kiddos in the Primary organization. This is Derek's first year in Primary! He is now in Sunbeams and done with nursery. Payton is in the CTR 4 class. Here the boys were on the first Sunday of the year:

Aaron is now nearly 100% self fed

These pictures make me so sad. We miss McKinney and our friends so much, especially the Thomas family :'( These pictures were taken just minutes before we got on the road for California. 

This is what happens when you try to get 5 little ones to look at a camera at once :)

me and Katherine

The move to California was truly planned by God. The way the logistics fell into place was miraculous. Kacey, Brandon's sister, was done at school and, thus, heading home to CA. Tori, another sister, had already decided to come to LSU to help Kacey on her journey west. Kacey's drive took her right through Dallas, so she and Tori were there to help me pack and clean during our final days in Texas. Also, Brandon's other sister, Kit, flew into Dallas so she could ride with me in the van for our 3 day trek. All in all, it was Kacey and Tori in a pick up truck, Brandon in the Penske (which towed our car), and myself, Kit, and the Littles in our van. It worked out well. While there were figurative bumps in the road and, often, tears the trip went fairly well. I am SO grateful I had Kit with me. She was a life saver <3 

boys trying out the truck

Aaron and Kit

Arizona...somewhere :)
I will say I have NEVER seen stars the way I saw them in New Mexico. Amazing!

We arrived in California on the 23rd of January and began the not-so-fun task of unpacking. 

And that was January in a nut shell!